Peter Leckett, CSPWC, SCA
Peter Leckett, CSPWC, SCA

The Ottawa Valley and its neighbour to the north, the Gatineau Hills, lie just on the fringes of the Canadian Shield, one of the oldest rock formations in the world. Quiet beaver ponds, pioneering farmsteads and picturesque villages alternate on the landscape. It is a land worth painting and many icons of Canadian art have done so.

It is against this backdrop that Peter Leckett tries to make his mark. Working in a time honoured tradition, he begins out in the field. Sketches and smaller works evolve into completed and larger works back in the studio. All the while, he strives to create work that captures the essence of the landscape while, at the same time, imparts a painterly, expressive feel to the viewer.

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Artists Statement

"Landscape has its own unique challenges. Unlike portraiture and still life, landscape does not have the luxury of standing still. Clouds move. Lighting changes. Bugs bite."

"Yet painting landscape from life somehow infuses the work in a way that can only be realized by actually being there. By sacrificing detail for a sense of playfulness and adventure, the painting becomes more than just a transcription of reality. It becomes a thing of beauty in itself."

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